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Resources For Caregivers 

You will find helpful videos and books under the topic headings to assist you to gain an understanding of each specific issue. You will also find that many of the books and videos are relevant for any of the topics.
Parenting and Attachment
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Understanding Anxiety
Neuroscience and Trauma 
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Understanding Your Brain and Emotional Regulation
Understanding Your Teenager
Helpful Websites 

Sparklers is a great local resource to equip whanau to engage and support their children.

They offer practical, use at home resources and advice in how to talk about the hard stuff with your kids. 

Skylight Resources

Skylight offers great resources to support you with many of life's challenges including resilience, emotions and grief and loss.


Thriving Kids Collective is a group of qualified counsellors dedicated child mental and emotional wellness. They offer resources and regular workshops to equip and educate parents and professionals with an attachment-based, trauma-informed approach. Take a look at what is coming up! 

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